Technology for Life

Technology for Life is a Finnish NGO. It is a group of people working in the field of technology or people who are interested in the effects of technology to the society and environment. Its aims are:

- to promote the use of technology that improves the conditions of living of mankind, increases justice and strengthens peace and;

- to enhance the ethical awareness of people working in the field of technology.


We are concerned for example about:

- peace and disarmament issues

- renewable technologies (see e.g. Solar Cooker Information 09)

- global equality


One of our major or most visible activities is our appropriate technology project in Namibia, where we have established a Green Namibia Development Center. This center will provide the local people

- information about appropriate technology

- education, how to make it yourself from local materials (for example solar cookers).


We have also had a development project in Bolivia, where we are enhanced the literacy of the people in 10 mountain villages by installing a solar electricity system in the local school or village houses. With the solar electricity system the school houses can be lighted and people can study during evenings. The project also aimed at introducing the appropriate technology to the villages.


Another popular activity is the TEP-club, which is a discussion platform, and a way to provoke discussion about modern technology and its impacts on the world and society.


In addition, we invite visiting lecturers during the UN disarmament week. For example we have invited professor Donald Aitken from Union of Concerned Scientists (a specialist of renewable, especially solar energy) and professor Malcolm Hooper from Sunderland University (a specialist on depleted uranium).


Technology for Life co-operates with other professionals, peace groups and other organisations in the field of technology.


Contact information:

Technology for Life

Neulapadontie 4 B 15, FI-00920 HELSINKI, FINLAND

Phone: + 358 45 119 1990 (chairman Atte Wahlström)

E-mail: hallitus( AT )tekniikkaelamaapalvelemaan.fi